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This year is the 150th anniversary of the crucible event in American history, the Civil War. NOVOInk and historian Rick Marschall have teamed to present readers an exciting and accessible window to the causes and controversies, the battles and leaders, of the War Between the States.

Harper’s Weekly was the premier news magazine of the day. The best writers, artists, and war correspondents made every battle and event immediate for its readers. Now it is possible to re-live those momentous events through the best in new technology – regular downloads of every Harper’s Weekly magazine!

Subscribers will receive their issues 150 years after the original publications, allowing them to experience the “current events” experience of news, interviews, analysis, profiles, even vintage advertising… and classic artwork, portraits, battle scenes, and maps.

Writers like Charles Dickens, George William Curtis, and Walt Whitman are in the pages of Harper’s Weekly. Among its prominent artists were Winslow Homer and Thomas Nast. Meticulous woodcuts of portraits and battle scenes captured by photographers like Matthew Brady are in every issue, too. Harper’s Weekly—the Civil Wars has been scanned and restored from two complete file runs in the Marschall collection.

Every download installment includes bonus Added Content, putting events in perspective, and informing readers of behind-the-scenes facts about Harper’s Weekly and the life and times of America. And for readers who wish to acquire prints, matted artwork, and other custom orders, including print copies, there is a link to exclusive offers from Rosebud Archives.

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